Monday, November 1, 2010


Super psyched to receive "album of the week" honors from both Norman Records and Boomkat for the new Stellar OM Source l.p. -- here's Boomkat's review:

"Another highly sought-after pressing from the Olde English Spelling Bee, this time from Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar Om Source, featuring Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point never* Intrepid sci-fi soundtrack-y synth excursions from the mind of electronic visionary, Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar Om Source, collated by the good folk at Olde English Spelling Bee. 'Trilogy Select' is essentially a directors cut of tracks taken from Stellar Om Source's trio of self-released CDr albums made between 2005-2009 - 'Ocean Woman', 'Alliance' and 'Crusader', including one track made with fellow cosmonaut, Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never). Her sonic concepts were hatched at international bases in The Hague, Lisbon, New York and Paris, instinctively capturing the naively romantic futurism of low grade '80s sci-fi and privately pressed synth music with a sensitivity to sustained, shadowy moods and suspension tank atmospherics. Her music revels in the saturated colours, tones and shapes her synths make, creating vividly kinaesthetic relationships between her lo-fi holographic harmonics so they seem to glow like console radiation from the cockpit of a one woman shuttle. There's a beautiful balance of honest, earnest and adventurous intent, mixed with a feel for fun and engrossing narrative romance, never going too academic or up her own arse and tempering the temptation to totally cut the anchor line with her blunted cosmic hooks. If OPN's 'Zones Without People' or Dylan Ettinger's 'New Age Outlaws' really took you there, this is a must. Comes with free download coupon redeemable directly from the label and 12" insert housed in glossy, full colour sleeve." - Boomkat

and here's a couple of recent live videos from Stellar OM sets: