Friday, November 5, 2010


Yes, band shake-ups are fairly common -- "nothing lasts forever" -- yadda yadda -- but it is rare that an indie rock band reaching the top of their game has an implosion/resurrection this bizarre. In fact it is highly doubtful that Big Troubles (re-christened "The New Big Troubles") will even be allowed to play most of their usual venues because of liquor laws. So it's back to their origins -- suburban garages and root beer parties in rec-rooms. Expect their chops to develop quickly and make no mistake about this -- The New Big Troubles definitely mean business.

Rumors that the remaining original members are auditioning for the Outer Limits Recordings band are yet unconfirmed -- but former Ducktails sideman/rising comedian Sam Franklin of The Old Big Troubles did issue an official statement in the form of an email to OESB this morning:

"Sam's out, Ian said he'll do it when it "feels right"/"when I fucking give a shit again, OK?" and Luka plays whenever the bus is running on time. All who remains dedicated to Big Troubles is Alex. Alex and the children he has collected, recruited, kidnapped and outright stolen. Music enthusiasts: meet The New Big Troubles."

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