Thursday, November 4, 2010


OESB invades the International Rome Film Festival programming this year - many of our video artists and their music videos are being featured in a special program that highlights some of the most innovative "hypnagogic" / "post t.v." work made over the last couple years. Titled "Post T.V. - Lo-Fi For The Eyes" & carefully programmed by the fine folks over at Rome's video house & dvd label AAVV. We are honored to have OESB video artists like Luke Wyatt, Megazord, James Ferraro, and Kevin DiTrapano featured alongside Paper Rad, Alizia Zivich (of Demons), Dan Lopatin (OPN/Games), and the mighty Forcefield. Forcefield was an artist co-op that rose out of Providence's Fort Thunder scene - ground zero for most strains of American weirdness over the last 15 years - i saw Forcefield play a small and mostly empty club with Lightning Bolt back in 1995 & they had the most insane video backdrops during their set -- it was the definitive precursor to what's all the video rage right now today...

Here's an english translation of the program notes:

November 4th - h.22.30
International Rome Film Festival
Special Event - L’Altro Cinema | Extra
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Rome
curated by Lorenzo Gigotti and Valerio Mattioli

During the last couple of years a new generation of artists spread around Europe and the USA have coined a new visual language never heard of before. It represents a reflection of the past and a manipulation on the concept of memory by meditating on an Era throughout totemic-mysterious aspects (on the two decades, 80’s and 90’s in the way that these become filtered from a more dreamy rather than realistic memory) perceived as an origin and principle of today’s informational society.

Together they form one of the most vital and influential networks of all times: from their pockets came out records, unconventional video clips, artworks that were instructive to others and video art experiments full of absurdities. The english critic David Keenan, wrote on the the magazine The Wire about some of this work and called it “hypnagogic pop”, as on the web, the webzine Pitchfork replied speaking of “glow-fi”, a term which blends the concept of low fidelity ( lo-fi) and the visual feel of glow (soft light, fluorescent, twilight).

The protagonists of this breathtaking season are underground, often active on multiple levels (music, illustration, performance, production of fanzines) and are all accompanied by the same feeling of do it yourself attitude. Veterans of the web era, they research the imaginary half way between video art in its most esoteric expressions and some strange form of late psychedelic pop, purposely portrayed in its DIY aspect. Lo –Fi , in fact.

“Post Tv” presents for the first time in Italy the most significant names of the scene, in the attempt to deliver a portrait of an aesthetic that exploits the web, re-writes the usual creative context and the circulation of the moving image, being these artistic, cinematographic or even within the television system.

The artists:
Cadeo - Cosmotropia de Xam - Kevin DiTrapano - James Ferraro - Forcefield - Todd Ledford - Daniel Lopatin - Michele Manfellotto - Megazord - Takeshi Murata - Paper Rad - Daniel Swan - Sunset - Television - TV Carnage - Luke Wyatt - Alivia Zivich.

Here's the program notes with bios for each artist: ENGLISH / ITALIAN

Luke Wyatt was specially invited to speak at tonite's screening about his work. Have fun in Rome Luke!!

and here's some selected videos by participating OESB artists:









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