Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The clip above features audio excerpts from the newest "romance audio dispatch" via Pacific City's Monopoly Child Star Searchers -- it's called "Bamboo For Two" & Mr. Charles Berlitz himself pays a special visit to the screen nearest you for an intimate and personal introduction... be sure to check his love poem to the feathered Belafonte as it depicts a jungle courtship of utmost tenderness... the album takes flight next week so prepare a landing area and please enjoy this preview...

and by request HERE is a stationary version of Berlitz's rainforest erotica -- use the magnifying glass utensil for visibility assistance...

official write-up for "Bamboo For Two":

Monopoly Child Star Searchers Nigtlife Band Presents: Bamboo For Two

A Night's Creativity. A Parroted Companions guided tour to the most Romantic details of a Jungle's sensbility. Imagine the elements of your most recent landscaped vision coming to life and allowing you to witness a hearts perception of the natural world. Charles Berlitz has reported this eventful experience in the form of a Romantic Poem, and the Star Searchers have invented the soundtrack. Olde Engsh Spelling Bee and Pacific City Sound Visions invite the listener to experience the first Studio album in Pacific City's history! Featuring James Ferraro as Rocco Martini, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into the Future, and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale; Playing the most exotic keyboard melodies this side of a Parrots hotly lit Plumage. This album is the first in series of Romantic Audio recordings that will later include the titles: "Make Mine, Macaw" and "The Garnet Tucan". Do enjoy the excitement of this one of kind journey to Pacific City's Nightlife and relax your mind's physical limitations....

and here is a live clip from a show in Belgium: