Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Above are the two tracks making up the Pigeons recent "Hearts" 7" on OESB plus a track from the "Si Faustine" album titled "Wrong Man".

Pigeons have 3 different shows for CMJ this week:

1) Today - Wednesday, October 20th at the Chocolate Bobka showcase at Piano's - they're scheduled to play around 5 p.m. - other acts include Laurel Halo, Young Prisms, La Big Vic, Family Portrait, Woodsman, and Dent May. Full details HERE.

2) Friday, October 22nd - Unofficial Rose Quartz/Microphone Memory Emotion showcase at Shea Stadium - playing with Fluffy Lumbers, Andrew Cedermark, Ecstatic Sunshine, Family Portrait, and more - full details HERE.

3) Saturday, October 23rd - Issue Project Room following the screening of a new film on Sublime Freqencies titled "THIS WORLD IS UNREAL LIKE A SNAKE IN A ROPE". They will be playing with Climax Golden Twins. Full info HERE. and more info on the screening HERE.

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