Friday, October 15, 2010


Above is a brand spanking new video for the Greatest Hits song "Uptown Girl" aka "You're Just An Uptown Girl" and it's not going to be on any commercially available release. It's web-only so everyone Tweet this to High Heaven and let's make this the #1 song playing on Friendster (apologies to the Mael brothers). Directed by L.A.'s Natalie Rodgers in 3-D Partyvision. Download this via Soundcloud right right below. Get down on it.

Greatest Hits have a couple CMJ engagements next week - a live band performance on Tuesday, Oct 19th at Bruar Falls with Big Troubles and Gary War (Rose Quartz/Friendship Bracelet Showcase) and then on Friday, Oct 22nd they'll be the house DJ's for the Altered Zones showcase at Death By Audio featuring John Maus and Excepter. Mark your calendars - BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!

There's a couple new guest mixtapes out in blog-land that were curated by Greatest Hits. Click the host-links for full tracklist info.

First there was a guest mix by Raw Thrills/Greatest Hits throatslinger Zak Mering over at Rose Quartz that featured previously unreleased jammers by Outer Limits Recordings and a new James Ferraro project called Warp dropped into the stew. Download that one HERE.

And over at Delicious Scopitone is a two-hour long mega-Teutonic Oktoberfest blaster that can be downloaded HERE. And here's GH's brimming with national pride description for the mix:

"We were teenagers, we were dangerous, and we were German. Growing up against the stark backdrop of East Berlin, the youth culture was buzzing with provocative and experimental visual arts and music. Fueled by exposure to krautrock, new wave, flexi-pop, and post-punk along with federal subsidies from countless organizations, we strive to help reinvent a country in dire need of addressing its historical shortcomings. Armed with an affinity for free art and events, and a renewed sense of national pride, we are proud to share our music, and the music that continues to inspire us for the American Youth."